Ethia is the world in which this forum revolves around. It is a high fantasy world, meaning most of the people in this world use magic. Ethia consists of five different continents and five oceans. Each has it's own history and people. Ethia also consists of over five different races. This world is very early in it's history right now, so there isn't much to tell, but it will grow!

Geography Edit

Ethia is divided into two sides. The front and the back side, as you can imagine the front side faces their sun and their back side does not. The front side is covered up with an equal distribution of land and water. On the front side there are five massive sums of lands named Apollo, Eterna, Azmiri, Lordeon, and Gerion. They each are diveded by the four oceans that are on the front side.

The back side is mysterious and not much is known about it. Sailors and pirates that ventured to the back side never returned even after the world government sent a couple of navy installments to check it out. The only thing known about the back side is that a vast ocean is said to make it all up according to archeologists, but people say that there are other continents on the backside too.

On each continent is a country in which the people live inside. Not many countries have been established yet due to the fact that the races do not have enough technology to advance any further.

Economy Edit

There is no world economy inside of Ethia, so each continent has it's own economy. All of the countries within the continent also have the same economy! Here is the list for each continent's economy:

  • Lorderon: Mixed/Market
  • Apollo: Traditional
  • Eterna: Market
  • Azmiri: Mixed/Market
  • Gerion: Command

Government Edit

There is no world government inside of Ethia. Instead, each continent has it's own government, but they are known to intertwine with each other. The continent's themselves elect leaders named Admirals which are leaders of the military. Each country has it's own government as follows:

  • Humans: Democracy
  • Colossals: Theocracy
  • Uki: Theocracy
  • Elves: Oligarchy
  • Dwarves: Monarchy

Military Edit

Even though each country has it's own governemnt. There is only one military which all of the countries follow. This military is called the Serk. The layout is that there are Admirals which lead the countries militaries, they are elected by the countries and each country is only allowed two. Below them, there are commanders which lead the captain's, who lead the lieutenents, and below them are common soilders. There are more ranks which you can check out on the military page.

There are also external ranks which are given to the most powerful men inside of Ethia. Currently, there is only one rank, Grand Justices. There are ten Grand Justices and are ranked as the most powerful men of all of of Ethia.

Races Edit

There are five different races inside Ethia. They each have their own history and culture, and have their own lands. You can click on the names of the species to check out more about them (WIP)! They go in order like this:

  • Humans - The primitive people of Ethia. They are the most highly advanced people of Ethia, and live in the country of Lordeon. They are also known as the brains of Ethia and have established connections with all of the races inside of Ethia! They follow multiple religions.
  • Colossals - They are black-skinned and have bony plates instead of hair. They can see in the dark. They are famous for their dangerous poisons. They worship a patriarchal pantheon of gods and goddesses. They believe the powers that be are intimately involved in their lives. Their history is unknown even to them.
  • Uki - They are short dwarf-like people that have a human-like appearence. They have a monotheistic religion which means they worship one god they call Ukin, that is also where they get their name from!
  • Elves - Elves are tall and humanoid with a yellowish skin color. They are known to possess amazing magical power, and they are athiests, so they do not worship any god!
  • Dwarves - The race of dwarves. They are noted for their armor. They never quit or surrender. They serve a race of gods excluded from this world.