Humans are the primitive and most advanced race inside of Ethia. They live inside the small continent of Lorderon and are spread out among the countries inside of Lorderon. They are also unique because they can possess massive amounts of magical energy, but can also possess no magical energy at all depending on the person you look at. They also follow many different religions instead of only following one.

Appearence Edit

Humans have a lean build, and have tanned, but otherwise white skin. They usually have blue or brown eyes (brown eyes is more dominant), but are different by gender. Women usually are lean, and have limited physical ability, and usually have longer hair as well as a bigger chest. They also have different physical appearences then men in contrast. Men are sometimes lean and buff. They also possess more physical strength, and are known to have bigger muscles than women. They usually have short hair, and they do not usually have big chests.

History Edit

The humans are native to Ethia, meaning that they were all born inside of Ethia. They do not know how or why they came into existance yet, but are looking for the answer. Currently they are still a new species inside the world of Ethion, and so is every other species currently since Ethia is a new world also.

Humans started out as slaves to the Elves. They worked and slaved towards the Elven culture from HG834 to HG967. The Elven race was ruled by The Old Kings back then, and they were ruthless towards the humans. Humans were beaten, even children, for no cause. Humans were regarded as a lower race to the rest of the races of Ethia. Humans were also sold for all kinds of purposes like candy. There was nothing but suffering towards the human race.

Humans politely obeyed there rule until a man named Haji Tatsu was born in HG937. He was roughed up a lot by the Elves he served, so he started to rebel against his masters. He was severely beaten everytime this happened, but he did not care. He soon ran away from his master's house which was unheard of. He then started to gather followers to join his rebellion against the Elven race. On HG954 he gained enough followers, two million to be exact, and he declared war against the elves. This war was known as the The War of Freedom.

The humans were outnumbered three to one, but they continued onwards. There were hundreds of battles in total. Here are some of the main ones. The first battle was known as The Battle of the Eternal Hill. 200 Human soldiers faced against 100 Elven Soldiers at a slave camp on Eternal Hill. The humans defeated the elves, and released over 300,000 human men, women, and children. Then there was The Battle of Justice, where 1 million human rebels faced off against almost 2 million Elven Soldiers inside of the Elven Military Base. Miraciously, the humans won which tipped the scale towards the humans side.

After that important battle, a couple more followed such as The Raid on Humanity where Elven Soldiers raided a human slave compound and killed over 200,000 humans. Then the final battle occured, The Battle of The Old Kings. The whole human rebellion attacked the Elven Capital and killed the last of the Old King and took over the Elven Capital. This was the last battle until the humans were given freedom on HG967.

After The War of Freedom, the humans sought a land which would accompany them. They decided to head out to sea, and they sailed across Sea of Gim to reach the land of Lorderon. This migration lasted for about 20 years. Many of the humans died during this voyage due to the harsh climate and sickness spread by being cramped into small boats, which could not They settled there, but the native trolls of the nation would not allow it, so the humans broke into war again against the native trolls of Lorderon. The trolls declared war on the humans on HG998.